Seen while cycling The Loop

I’ve been bicycling on various portions of The Loop — a wonderful bicycle route that’s comprised mostly of riverside paved trails with no motor vehicles — and these are some of the things I’ve seen. Oh, and I’ve included a few shots from my first trip up Mt. Lemmon (only made it to mile marker…

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Intriguing scenes

These scenarios happened in “ordinary” life, and fortunately I was able to capture them.

Odds and ends

A random gallery of images collected from “ordinary” life lately.

Happy trees in springtime

In March, we planted three Desert Museum palo verde trees, two screwbean mesquites, and five velvet mesquites in the backyard, after moving a lot of earth around and building a patio.

Wandering through Michigan

These images are from a wonderful visit to Michigan, where I connected with family, friends and places.

Mackinac Island 2013

These days it’s rare that I get to visit this island, where as a teenager I began to listen deeply to the wind in the forest, and where I started to notice the crows. I still feel a sense of being on an edge between worlds when I visit this place, especially outside the town.

California road trip 2013

This collection of images is from a delightful road trip through California in April and March, 2013.

Backyard monsoons 2012

twilit backyard

The summer of 2012 offered a plethora of amazing monsoon skies — and the range of colors, cloud textures and surreal energies provided a bounty of photographs. At least three rainbows appeared, too.

Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2

Biosphere 2, near Oracle, was a surreal place to visit. It offers visitors an unique perspective on certain aspects of 1980s history, as well as a look at how scientists continue to find new ways to use the facility long after they unsealed the hatches. I’ve never seen such a strange blend of natural life…

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Mt. Graham 2012

Mt. Graham

A weekend hiking around and camping in the Pinaleno Mountains was just the right thing to do. The weather was perfect, and the thin, clean mountaintop air was cleansing and refreshing.

Sandia Crest, New Mexico 2012

Sandia Crest

After our visit to the Phoenix family in the Ozarks, Becca and I spent a couple of days enjoying Albuquerque. I lived there at age three for a year and a half, and it seems that my parents split up while living there. I’d always had a case of bad vibes about Albuquerque, but after…

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The Ozarks: A ‘different’ place


This is a selection of photos from a recent visit to my sister’s family in the Ozarks. Life there is very surreal from my perspective. It was delightful to experience a small slice of the world up there in the hills. I rode my bicycle around the town of Winona, Missouri in the July heat…

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July 2012 in New Mexico

Albuquerque mall

This collection of images is from the journey across New Mexico and beyond en route to visit my sister and her family in the Ozarks in July. Becca and I stayed for a couple of days in Albuquerque before returning home to Tucson. We didn’t care for much of the “New Mexican” cuisine we found,…

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Misty desert hills

These images are from a visit to a special, secret desert location in 2011.

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