Sandia Crest, New Mexico 2012

After our visit to the Phoenix family in the Ozarks, Becca and I spent a couple of days enjoying Albuquerque. I lived there at age three for a year and a half, and it seems that my parents split up while living there. I’d always had a case of bad vibes about Albuquerque, but after this visit I think I’m over it. We took the tram — a cable car that goes straight to the top of a really nice peak — to Sandia Crest and enjoyed the day hiking around up there. The Sandia Mountains really do look like watermelon at sunset from below.

From atop the crest, the view was spectacular and the breeze was delightful. There also were crows everywhere. My mom says I rode the same tram and enjoyed the same mountaintop when I was three. I don’t remember that, but it’s sure cool anyway.

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