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Lush, beautiful and weird dream pop songs

A Cracked Rooster

A Cracked Rooster

Two decades of surreal pop songs
The Shiny Mask

The Shiny Mask

Lushly produced dream pop

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Who is Chad Bush?

Musician and fine artist Chad Bush was a member of the legendary Orphans & Widows, an outrageous performance art band in the early 1990s downtown Phoenix underground art scene. Later, he co-founded Tucson’s Clown Band, an evolving jam band packed with serious musicians doubling as horrific clowns. He performs and records occasionally with Simple Question, an ambient acoustic-electronic duo with Rick Davies.

Currently, he’s giving away intriguing “songs” improvised on the fly in his studio via a podcast while working on a new live set and recording new material for a future album.

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